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Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts Bolts - Special price for a limited time Kansas City Mall Xbox 360

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts Bolts - Xbox 360


Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts Bolts - Xbox 360


Product description


Rare Ltd. revives the Banjo-Kazooie franchise with this third installment, created exclusively for the Xbox 360. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts amp; Bolts brings the famous bear and bird duo back in high definition, with plenty of user-generated content and fun gameplay options.

Offline: 1
Online: 2-8

Gameplay Modes:
Single player offline, multiplayer online cooperative.
Save File Size:
1 MB
16:9 Widescreen on HDTV 720p/1080i/1080p
In-Game Dolby Digital

Banjo and Kazooie return in this third installment to battle it out with the evil witch Gruntilda. View larger.

Build a vehicle to pilot over land, water and air at Mumbo's Motors. View larger.

The Lord of Games (LOG) has built many worlds to determine the rightful owner of Spiral Mountain. View larger.
In Nuts amp; Bolts, a showdown has been set. The Lord of the Games (LOG) has arranged a duel between Banjo and the evil witch Gruntilda, aka Grunty, to decide the rightful owner of Spiral Mountain. LOG, being the creator of all video games, has built a multitude of worlds to host the challenges. Banjo must complete all the worlds to win, while Grunty tirelessly tries to stop his efforts using every method she can muster.

Build it at Mumbo's Motors
The game is loaded with vehicle options to help Banjo pilot over land, water, and air. Parts for vehicles are widely diverse, ranging from your standard engines and wheels to egg guns, floaters, and other gadgets. The Mumbo's Motors workshop makes it easy to create new vehicles. You'll collect different parts by solving puzzles and exploring worlds. Vehicle parts include a wide variety of body panels, engines, wheels, wings, propellers, fuel, and weapons, plus lots of bizarre items like Mumbo Bombos, floaters, and the versatile sticky ball that allows you to create almost anything from a simple object. Once you've finished your ride, customize your creation with a paint job and a suitable name before Banjo takes the wheel and pilots it into action.

Customize, Customize, Customize--or Just Get Down to Business
LOG's worlds are littered with hidden secrets, reward puzzles, and over 100 contraption parts that deliver an almost limitless combination of vehicle possibilities. As you work through the worlds, you'll discover more and more ways to customize and improve your contraptions, creating a surprising level of user-generated content. But even if you don't fancy yourself the greatest inventor or a highly creative craftsman, you can still have countless hours of fun with Banjo-Kazooie's pre-built vehicles. With these at your fingertips you're ready to jump in and get started, and there are plenty more contraptions available for purchase throughout the adventure using in-game currency and musical notes.

Characters, Old and New
Banjo and his best friend, Kazooie, are ready to battle for their homeland and prevent Grunty from developing it into tower blocks and malls. Other familiar faces return as well, such as Bottles, Captain Blubber, and the Jinjos, along with a vibrant cast and crew of new friends and foes. Keep your eyes peeled for Grunty's minions--look out for Trophy Thomas, Piddles, and Grunty's menacing Gruntbots: they'll do anything to prevent Banjo's success.

Nuts amp; Bolts offers an engaging storyline, entertaining characters, and fun gameplay options. This game offers complete single-player and multiplayer experiences--tackle LOG's worlds on your own, or play with your friends in competitive and cooperative challenges. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts amp; Bolts for Xbox 360 is a enjoyable, challenging game that appeals to people of all ages and types.


Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts amp; Bolts delivers loads of customization options, interesting characters (old and new), and plenty of fun, challenging gameplay.

From the Manufacturer

"strong"Build an Adventure of Mechanical Mayhem. Banjo and Kazooie are facing their greatest adventure yet, battling long-time nemesis Gruntilda for rightful ownership of Spiral Mountain. Use your wits and imagination to invent wild and wonderful contraptions so Banjo and Kazooie can crush this wicked witch. Rule the road, sky and water in the land of Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts amp; Bolts!


Famed game developer Rare Ltd. is reviving one of its most beloved and successful franchises exclusively on Xbox 360® with the third installment of the Banjo-Kazooie series. Banjo-Kazooie®: Nuts amp; Bolts embraces new and old fans alike, as the famous bear and bird duo return in stunning high definition for a unique adventure of epic proportions. The Lord of the Games (aka LOG) is tired of the petty squabbling between Banjo and the evil witch Gruntilda (aka Grunty) over the years, and has arranged a showdown to decide the rightful owner of Spiral Mountain. Claiming to have created every video game ever made, LOG has built the game worlds in which the contest’s challenges take place. Banjo must complete LOG’s challenges to win, while Grunty tries to stop him using every method her devious mind can muster.

Throughout your adventure, create your own abilities by building vehicles for Banjo to pilot over land, water, and air. Vehicle parts, which range from simple devices such as engines and wheels to more unusual equipment such as springs and egg guns, are earned and collected throughout the game. Use your imagination to combine parts in any order to create whatever vehicle you choose. LOG's challenges have one goal, but your choice of vehicle and tactics will determine how you get there. By exploring worlds and solving puzzles, you will be rewarded with more advanced and diverse vehicle parts in your quest to defeat Grunty once and for all.

1 Player
2-8 Online Multiplayer

Save File Size:
1 MB

16:9 Widescreen on HDTV 720p/1080i/1080p

In-Game Dolby Digital

Discover and explore 6 different worlds with over 100 challenges. View larger.

Share your blueprints, team up with friends and battle on Xbox LIVE. View larger.

If it steers, floats or flies, you can build it using over 100 unique parts and blueprints! View larger.

With the power of Xbox 360® and Xbox LIVE®, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts amp; Bolts brings an entirely new experience to the console and takes the franchise to a whole new level of enjoyment. High-definition graphics, user-created content, and online gameplay are just three of the many advances people of all ages and skill levels will discover as they embark on their adventure.


Adventure and imagination: If you can imagine it, you can build it in the Mumbo's Motors easy-to-use workshop. Then put your creation to the test as you take on Grunty in your quest for Spiral Mountain. Unlike other games, where you progressively pick up new skills or abilities at points pre-determined by the game’s creator, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts amp; Bolts puts the power of improving Banjo's abilities into your hands as you build vehicles that allow Banjo to progress through the game. Vehicle parts include a wide variety of body panels, engines, wheels, wings, propellers, fuel, and weapons, plus many more weird and wonderful gadgets such as floaters, Mumbo Bombos, and the versatile sticky ball, from which you can design and create anything from a simple object-carrying truck to a space-age flying saucer. Once you've designed your creation, give it the finishing touch by painting it and choosing a suitable name before Banjo jumps in and pilots it into action.

Customizable experience: With more than 100 contraption parts and unlimited combinations possible, no two players will have the same experience in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts amp; Bolts. By exploring the vast game worlds, discovering hidden secrets, and solving puzzles to win rewards, you will continually find more and more ways to customize and improve your contraptions, creating an unprecedented level of user-generated content for a 3-D platform adventure game.

Fun right out of the box: Don't worry if you aren’t the world’s greatest inventor or want to skip the workshop and get straight to the action, because Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts amp; Bolts comes with a fully loaded experience right out of the box. Pre-built vehicles are included so you can jump right in and get started, with many more contraptions available for purchase throughout the adventure using the in-game currency system of musical notes.

"strong"Engaging storyline and entertaining characters: Two of Rare's most beloved characters return from retirement, making their debut on Xbox 360. To win the deed to their homeland and prevent the evil witch Gruntilda from developing it into tower blocks and malls, Banjo and his best friend Kazooie battle over land, sea, and air against their longtime rival. Familiar faces such as Mumbo Jumbo, Bottles, Captain Blubber, and the Jinjos are also back to lend a hand, along with an equally colorful cast of new friends and foes. Look out for Trophy Thomas, Piddles, Lord of the Games, and Grunty's mechanically menacing army of Gruntbots.

Enjoy alone or with friends: Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts offers complete single-player and multiplayer experiences. Play through the adventure alone in the single-player campaign, or play with friends in competitive challenges on your own or in teams.

Fun for everyone: Xbox 360 is the home to the best entertainment experiences for everyone. With Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts amp; Bolts, Xbox 360 continues to build its impressive lineup of content that appeals to people of all ages and types.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts Bolts - Xbox 360

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